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ES&DM Assignment Submit on Monday(17-12-2012)


ES&DM Assignment Submit on Monday(17-12-2012)


Mineral Resources

These are the natural resources which cannot be renewed. They are present in the organisms as an organic and
inorganic molecule and ions. The calcium, phosphorous, sodium, chlorine and sulphur are the major minerals in the
animals. The minor minerals in the animals are iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, fluorine and selenium. The minerals in the
plants are divided into the macro and micro nutrients. The macro nutrients consist of calcium, magnesium, sulphur
and iron. The micro nutrients consist of manganese, cobalt, zinc and chlorine. The minerals are present everywhere
in the world. Their distribution varies from one country to the other. They are non equal in the distribution. India is
rich in coal, manganese, iron, chromites and mica. It is deficient in the gold, silver, nickel etc. In the North America
there is an abundance of molybdenum but it is deficient in the tin, manganese. However these deficient metals are
found in abundance in the Indonesia and Malaysia. The gold and uranium occurs in good abundance at the South
Africa but it has a deficiency of silver and iron. The most common fertilizers in India are the NPK. India depends on
the other countries for its supply. Our country is in deficiency of the petroleum and electrical energy. The raw
material is also deficient. New projects are undertaken to explore the new opportunities of energy. If we move at
the present rate most of the important metals will last only in this century. However, some of them like manganese,
aluminum, cobalt, iron and chromium can work till 2500 A.D. The minerals must be conserved and should be
recycled regularly. They must be used as a raw material where there is a major need. They must be explored
regularly. They must be substituted and new techniques must be used to prevent its loss.

Mineral resources

A 'Mineral Resource' is a concentration or occurrence of material of intrinsic economic interest in or on the earth's
crust in such form, quality and quantity that there are reasonable prospects for eventual economic extraction. Mineral
Resources are further sub-divided, in order of increasing geological confidence, into inferred, Indicated and measured
Inferred Mineral Resource is that part of a mineral resource for which tonnage, grade and mineral content can be
estimated with a low level of confidence. It is inferred from geological evidence and assumed but not verified
geological/or grade continuity. It is based on information gathered through appropriate techniques from location such
as outcrops, trenches, pits, workings and drill holes which may be of limited or uncertain quality and reliability.
Indicated resources are simply economic mineral occurrences that have been sampled (from locations such as
outcrops, trenches, pits and drillholes) to a point where an estimate has been made, at a reasonable level of
confidence, of their contained metal, grade, tonnage, shape, densities, physical characteristics.[2]
Measured resources are indicated resources that have undergone enough further sampling that a 'competent person'
(defined by the norms of the relevant mining code; usually a geologist) has declared them to be an acceptable
estimate, at a high degree of confidence, of the grade, tonnage, shape, densities, physical characteristics and mineral
content of the mineral occurrence.

Food Resources of India

Human body needs food for various purposes. Food consumed by humans are of different types and a balanced diet is
needed for all practical purposes, vitamins, proteins carbohydrates and minerals are primarily obtained from cereals,
fruits, vegetables, pulses and spices, milk, butter, meat and eggs all of which obtained from different types of plants
and animals. These are our main food resource. A large number of items are consumed by human either in their
natural states or after proper processing and cooking.
The food consumed by human is influenced by wide range of cultural and individual differences, mainly due to
ecological as well as personal reasons. The source of much of the food consumed by man is terrestrial agricultural,
which represents the most manipulated of all the non-urban ecosystems. There are two main types of agriculture (1)
Crop agriculture in which plant production is harvested for use by man and (2) Animal agricultural where a crop
from highly manipulated ecosystem is fed to domesticated animals.
Food consumption pattern is different in different regions. The most important feature is that rice to the staple food
for most Asians. In general a strong and healthy human consumes about 1.4 kg of food every day. Such a food serves
as a source of energy and replacement of uses.

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