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1. On what basis does your company recruit?
(a).Experience (b).Qualification
©.Communication skills (d).All the above
2. Which one do you prefer more for recruitment?
(a).Internal source (b).External source
3. Are you aware of present recruitment policy?
(a).Yes (b).No
4. Is the organization meeting the requirement of man power at the right time?
(a).Yes (b).No
If (b), give suggestions: __
5. Do you have absolute freedom to communicate with your supervisors regarding job vacancies in the organization?
(a).Yes (b).No

6. As a candidate, the information given by the recruiter was sufficient to get clarity about vacancy
(a).Yes (b).No
7. In your opinion, what method of recruitment would be the best and easy source to hire the best talent pool?
(a).Job portals (b).Advertisements
©.Employment exchange (d).Employee referrals
8. Recruitment is needed at the time of
(a).Expansion (b).Restructuring
©.Outflows observed.
9. Did you ever refer any candidate for recruitment in REEL?
(a).Yes (b).No
10. After being recruited by the organization, was sufficient training given in order to achieve the organization goals
(a).Yes (b).No
11. What are the modern sources and techniques of recruitment followed by the organization presently?
(a).Walk-in (b) Tele-recruitment
©.E-recruitment (d).All the above

12. Do you have freedom to contribute innovative techniques in recruitment?
(a).Yes (b).No
13. The recruitment procedure in the organization is satisfactory
(a).Yes (b) No
14. The organization implements profitable suggestions of the employees and such employees are rewarded
(a).Agree (b).Disagree
15. The data bank is helpful while recruiting employees into the organization
(a).Yes (b).No
16. The campus recruitment brings new talent into the organization and is beneficial to the organization
(a).Agree (b).Disagree
17. What type of interview is the best to attain objective selection?
(a).One to one interview
(b).Telephonic interview
©.Panel interview